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Thiruthavathuri, now called lalgudi, is situated on the banks of river coleroon, (known also as north cauvery) about 20 kms form Tiruchi. The temple here has won a unique place among the temples of Tamilnadu. It was here only the seven rishis, atri, brihu, pulsithar, vasistar, gauthamar, angeerasar and marichi, prayed to the presiding deity, saptharisheeswarar, to ward off the bad period they were passing through. The temple was taken up for being extended by the parantaka kings.This is an ancient temple about 500-1000 years old.

Lalgudi is one of the Town in Lalgudi Taluk in Tiruchirappalli District in Tamil Nadu State . It  is 14.8 km far from its District Main City Tiruchirappalli . It is 289 km far from its State Main City Chennai. It lies close to Coleroon River. Ayyan Vaikal is the river passing through Lalgudi. Lalgudi Sivan Temple

It’s old name was Thiruthuvatturai. It was ruled by Malik Gafoor, a slave who became a head general in the army of Alauddin Khilji, ruler of the Delhi sultanate from 1296 to 1316 AD. Lalgudi Sivan Temple

The ancient Sabdarishiswarar temple is in Lalgudi.During his invasion on Tamilnadu, Malik Gafoor, while passing through this region saw the workers painting the tower in red. He asked his commander in Urudu, “what is this Lal gudi (Lal-red and Gudi-Tower). His question became the name of the place then as Lalgudi.Lord Shiva desiring to play with the seven rishis – Athri, Brugu, Pulasthya Vasishta, Gautama, Angirasa and Marichi – left the child in their hermitage. The wives of the rishis were happy to see the child. When the child began to cry they played with him. When the child began to cry loudly due to hunger, the rishi patnis failed to feed the child, the Kruthika maidens came in and took care of the child. Lalgudi Sivan Temple

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