Arulmigu saptharisheeswara Temple- History

Historical :

The Devas (those belonging to the celestial world) appealed to Lord Shiva to protect them from the harassment of demon Tharakasura. Lord shiva created Lord Muruga from the six sparks from His face.

Lord Shiva desiring to play with the seven rishis Athri, Brugu, Pulasthya Vasishta, Gautama, Angirasa and Marichi left the child in their hermitage. The wives of the rishis were happy to see the child. When the child began to cry they played with him. When the child began to cry loudly due to hunger, the rishi patnis failed to feed the child, the Kruthika maidens came in and took care of the child.

When the rishis returned to the ashram after their daily yagnas, they came to know that their wives failed to feed the child and felt sad that they had lost the opportunity of a blissful life due to the attitude of their wives. The angry rishis drove away their wives.

Lord Muruga understood the cause of His birth. He killed Tharakasura. While returning back, He cursed the rishis. They trembled. As they could not get a relief in Tiruvaiyaru where they undertook intense penance they came to Lalgudi and continued the penance. Lord Shiva appeared before them, blessed them, cracked His head a flame (jwala) from His head and absorbed them in Himself and thus relieved them of the curse. As all the rishis had been taken into Shiva, the Lord came to be known as Sabdarishiswarar. This caused cracks on the Head of the Lord and the marks are visible even today. The sculptures of the Seven Rishis are at the entrance of the temple.

Temple History

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